Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I love writing and I thought I should join and put my writings there to. My very first wiriting was to define GENGE subsequent writers have edited it. I then added some other writings like on what they had about Kalamashaka. I was to add KAPUKA (Kenya Music genre) but they already had something on KAPUKA which is very different from a music point of view. I am yet to know how I should sneek in my KAPUKA. Meanwhile to those who love KAPUKA should thank God that I havent written a thing coz I HATE the genre and I do not support any of its artists.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Guyz I dont know what local music we listen to. If a man would sing to his gal how he goes to sleep (With boredom) on thinkin about her while ingratiating how he loves her, and then go ahead win an award for it, I think we doomed. Then a respected paper pulls out a two page defense of the same! The media has unremittingly given lyrically lame artists a chance ahead of of those who can display skill in a mystifying manner. This mixtape is about writing skills of Muki and Mwaf.

Outside Dandora Burning, this mixtape is the best thing I've heard in a long time. I love the heavy satire applied by Muki and Mwaf to create one of the best underground collaboz I have heard since Kshaka, Mashifta & Naz did Mangirima. I think its a kind of a positive thing that Mwaf left Y FM coz he has suddenly grown into a lyrical god with this Mixtape. Trax to look out for in this are 'Upuzi', 'Spontaneous Combustion', 'How we Do', the sacarstic 'Drop It Like it Hot' ......get the mixtape guyz I found all the trax to be hot. There is some Neo-Soul in it to and damn I love it, I love it, I love it. There is some good humour in it (sapmple this line: "........ kwa microphone rhyme zangu hazina kipimo, mimi wakalee huwanga waniita Keino, wewe wasepere ndio wanaitanga keino"). They sampled some of Kibaki's speeches and it comes out nicely in the trak 'Upuzi'.

Themes covered range from crime, politics, diseases, exploitation, unemployment, arbotion, poverty, civil unrest by arrogant university students, lack of hiphop airplay in the mainstream media, the demise of writing skills among most of our musicians and lots of other issues. A tribute to heros like Garang. Styles used, rhyme, satire, 'rhetory' (rhetoric), and lots of metaphors. There is also an element of story telling in some of Muki's lines. Get a copy now u will not be disappointed.

For all bullimics for kapuka wipe your smiles.