Thursday, July 26, 2007

If Wayne & Ja Were Put in The Same Cell

I dont like Wayne but he does have some good lines in his rhymes at times. Pictures this one from the song 'Neck of The Wood'. "Your face gets buttoned up and you look like a Jay Z shirt" Now For those of you not inclined to the hiphop matrix, let me break it down for you. "Face gets buttoned up" is when you get shot in the head. "You look like a Jay Z shirt" is even a deeper line. Remember when Jay used to put on those colored Hawaii shirts? well, when you get shot, and blood spatters, you get colored like that Jay Z shirt. Get it? Any one including KRS and Nas will tell you that was smart.

With Ja, he to is smart with the lines but I hate the way he changed his subject matter. Those of who got a copy and listened to Venni Vetti Vecci will tell you Ja got it wrong when he started doing rap with babes and doing the singing.

Now if Ja was put in the same Cell as Wayne this is what would get down.

Lil Wayne: What's your name?
Ja Rule: Jeffrey.
Lil Wayne: You lookin' kinda sweet there.
Ja Rule: Don't talk to me, bitch.
Lil Wayne: I think you're hot.
Ja Rule: That better be my career you are talking about.
Lil Wayne: Let me kiss you.
Ja Rule: What are you, some kind of fag?
Lil Wayne: HELL YEAH
Ja Rule: OFFICERS! GET ME THE FUCK OUTTA HERE, PLEASE! I have a wife to come home to.
Lil Wayne: But you are my type, you're all man.
Ja Rule: Officers, I will snitch on whatever you want, just get me away from this bitch!
Officers: All right, come with us.
Lil Wayne: See you soon, honey(smooches)!
Ja Rule: Go fuck yourself.

I think that was funny..........


It feels like.......I dont even know how to put it! I have been busy, I have been money hungry (that contributed big time to my being away), I have been lazy, but definitely not out of touch with how things are. I really want to come back but I need some anti-lazy pills.

Has anyone listened to Siku Njema or the lyrical mashifta's Mashifta Volume II? Those are classics I guarantee. Full review will come shortly need to oil my writing. Its abit rusty. or more like a car that hasnt been started in 5 months! Get the welcome back committee ready.

It feels sooooo goooooood 2 be back!