Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Questions to Mwafrika: Do You have answers?

Am a big fan of real hip hop and I really felt it when you left YFM. Since then hip hop has kind of been dead, few people know whats happening out there.

What happened to hiphop nites? I know its expensive to run it but the fans were willing to support it. I remember meeting guyz from as far as El-d, Embu on those nights.

You at one time had big planz to have Talib, Mos Def, Immortal Technique come to Kenya. Why did you kill this dream? coz to your fans, the dream is kinda dead? Do you still have contact with Knaan and should we expect you to have a collabo with him and when will this be?

There is SHIKA DVD II, I have searched fro this DD in most stores in town and I cant find it. Where can I get a copy and how come you never publicized the SHIKA DVDs. Why didnt try to have in Nu-Metro or any other shop?

I have been very worried by your silence I have been expecting to hear something from you. I have your entire mixtape with Muki and I really enjoy it. I'd like to know what you've been up to.

I'd also love to hear your comments on eclipsing of Kshaka by Wenyeji as the lead group. I am worried about them not having an album in years or even a hit single. Though I have some reliable news that their album is in the works.
Why do you think Johnie of Kshaka likes to remain eerie avoiding press and videos from the MAU MAU camp and why do you think Kshaka (all three) didnt have a single in the album Dandora Burning? I have a feeling there is some infighting among themselves. Kamaa, what are your thought on him? Whats does it mean about him featuring in most of Mau Mau trax than any other member of Kshaka?

What are your thoughts on Wenyeji's & Mashiftaz new albums?

I know you have a feeling Doobeez lost it but to me I think he is the local equivalent of ODB or Redman. Comment.

Chiwawa is also said to be doing an album, are you going to eat a humble pie and guest star if he invited you?

Black Duo, do you think they'll ever wake up again? Were these guyz real they appeared to be?

STL, L-Ness, Nazizi which of this ladies would be willing to work with and why or why not?

Wakamba Wawili, I feel them, we feel them, do you think they are worth the salt?

What new local hard hitters, undergrounds, are out there that we don't know about?

If you are doing an album which local rappers would you like to have in it?

Most of us rely on Pulse and Buzz to get the latest on any artist, whats hot, whats new on local hip hop. Do you think they are doing a good job? If not, what should we do about it?

Whats your favorite radio show at the moment? Are you still a fan of Eve-D Souza's Hits not Homework and do you think its still the show it was years ago?

Internationally, which are your most anticipated albums this year? Personally I am waiting eagerly for 8 Diagrams, I read an interview about it do you think this will put Wu back on the map? The title is very well thought what do you think?

You have good judgment and you know much about hip hop, I'd like to hear your insight on all this.


  • hey supreme,
    its like you've been reading my mind.i always thot mwafrika was the best thing that ever happend to kenyan hiphop after eve d souza's show went too commercial.
    the joint was an eye opener to me and made me love hiphop.i thot after mwafrika left Yfm he'd concetrate on his music and give his fans wat they've been yearning for.i mean we all know mwaf is a lyricist and well i also think abass has lost seems like all the hiphoppers apart from guyz wa D have decided to go commercial for the sake of airplay.
    yeah i also wana know abt black duo.those guyz were real thus for shoo.mwaf wherever you are man hope ur fine just let the fans naw abt ur whr abts.
    y'all talk abt this albums where can i get them?za akina guyz of D?gream enlighten me.keep the fire blazin.

    By Blogger bahamadia, At 6:44 PM  

  • This was done with the intention of waking him up together with Muki Garang. They have been very silent and I wanted to let them know, the fans didnt sleep.

    On where to get the albums, there is this Chemist on Standard Street same building that houses 20th Century. The albums are there. Also try Nu-Metro shops.

    Thanx a million for the comments

    By Blogger ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M---, At 6:54 PM  

  • not sure if this will help..

    Mwaf is working on some big things...Patience...Patience..Patience

    For Muki visit him here

    By Blogger Msanii_XL, At 9:19 PM  

  • Thanx Msanii for dropping by. That interview from beneathdasurface has been there since last year Dec. I keep Google-ing to find out about him and that link is all I get!

    I am hoping to hear from him. However it is nice to hear it from you that he is doing something.

    By Blogger ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M---, At 8:58 AM  

  • I had no I dea you were such a groupie!!! Hehehehe!! Well he used to show for Words and pictures WaPI lakini siku hizi siMuoni bana!! Alafu that vibe of Akina Immortal and Talib coming...boy he had us going!!!

    By Blogger bantutu, At 6:25 PM  

  • Hey Supreme -

    Mwafrika and Muki were the first two emcees I met (besides Petty) in nbi and it was a funny story. I was visited coast2coast's studio in Kalif and there were these cats waiting their turn in the stairwell - pure Staten Island Wu style... I blogged about it back in the day:

    I wonder if the problems with WAPI as well as losing the YFM show has dealt a blow to the trust and confidence in the scene for these two. The thing is, its the nature of the underground to find our own means... so we gotta organize.

    Im in Canada and I do what I can to stay connected to East Af hiphop - one way is hosting Muki's blog on surfacescan. Check out their new tracks: translatlantic alliance and Sleeze Hypnosize with a south african emcee on Muki's african poetry page:

    By Blogger Bartholomew, At 11:27 PM  

  • Bantu, its not about being a groupie. I am just concerned that things are not going too well.

    The reason you dont see them at WAPI is coz someone somewhere hijacked the whole idea from its pioneers.

    Bath-- thanx for dropping by. I will check out what you got.

    By Blogger ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M---, At 12:50 PM  

  • On Wenyeji overtaking Kshaka I think here's some truth in it.There album is very tight if I might say so my self.However,Kamaa and Mashifta did something in Kwani03 that was really tight.

    Did You go for Wapi?Well I didn't but all am haering is that Dead Prez ripped the place up!!!!!...

    By Anonymous Soulful Cante, At 8:51 PM  

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