Tuesday, September 26, 2006


The Defination! Who will be standing when the smoke clears?
( Local Cats, Where do You place Ya'self?)

They not HOT, all they do is talk a lot,
That's not HOT, where's your respect on the block?
That's HOT, not cause you're friends with the media cops
That's not HOT, a real MC you're not

You got these kids gased up like you own the inventory
Fake muthafuckas ain't tellin the whole story
Tell em how you borrow from everyone you knew
And now that you're on top, they can't borrow from you
That's not hot, tell em how you love bein pop
Cause you was so broke before, sleepin cold on a cot
You don't rock, you talk gibber

It's about to get ugly,
They don't even go to these bullshit kiddie-ass clubs
Who really got these streets on lock?
Whose name really holds high respect on the block?
Who opened up these local hiphop and taught you how to rap?
They don't even sound like the rest of you kiddies
They study the ways of God, you studyin titties
And ass, I pity your class
Cause you come out with a blast
But you're trash, so you really don't last

A real MC you're not
This is hotter than heat, too deep,
They on top of the streets
You weak, you ain't really rockin their beats
But you're a slave, and yo, you can't come up in a heat tank
G-o-d they thank, they watch what they sell
You better hope these Christians are wrong cause you goin to hell
Think about that when you're spittin your raps

Lines from The Great Teacher


  • yeah supreme!i feel you man your ish is tooo tight and well think you could make a good artist that is if you have the voice to love

    By Anonymous black rose, At 1:54 PM  

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