Thursday, May 11, 2006

That Delamare Son

This is different from what this blog should be about but Iam very mad at some white man.

It has been in the news all day that ugly (yeah I said it. someone had to say it) Delamare son with an unpronoucable first name shot another kenyan. What the fuck is wrong with this arsehole? The first time we were mad at him, then he was acquited of it n we got even madder. Slowly we forgot about it with all the anglo leasin dramaz and media gaggin soaps. He looks at the situation and thinks he has been out of the limelight and decides its time he made it in the front pages and gets all of mad. Coz after all, what the fuck can u do about it? Wako will dismiss murder charges against him.

Fuck him n his huge land I dont see what he is doing here when thousands of Kenyans r bila land. What percentage does he contribute to Kenya's economy so that his arse can be spared? Swear if I ever become president of this Country I will kick him out n anyother foreigner who treats Kenyans like some dirt or some dog. Kamaa of Kalamashaka just said in Dandora Burning Album that "Tutakushow vile huyu Delamare atakaa missing". Its time he stayed missing in Kenya. I wish Kibaki had nerve like Uncle Mugabe.

What do u think guyz it a rant n rave forumn u welkamed to vent your anger.


  • The dude ain't helping Kenya so he should just leave...but following that train of thought if all people who were not helping kenya had to leave then we'd have almost no politicians left

    By Anonymous purify, At 4:02 PM  

  • imelda says
    he shld leave kenya or thrown in a box and the keys thrown away,but aight ungly i thk he is cute and men he has height (most kenyan men lack)other than that he shld be drop dead for all i care and wont even drop a tear

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 10:01 AM  

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