Monday, May 08, 2006

Dandora Burning & SHIKA DVD


I've been known to tear fake mcs with my blogs and writings to either buzz or pulse. example of my writing is one that i analysed Nameless single titled "Najidai" which featured Nyash of Kleopto. I love hiphop like sikui nini nothing kams b4 it. If you google UkooFlani Maumau you will probably get a link to a blog I've written especially in

Kilio Cha Haki was to me the best album 2004/2005 and lover of concious rap should get one. However I think there is a better CD than that. Dandora Burning. I just purchased one and am at the moment listenin to a trak called 'Mazishi' there other hot traks like 'Piga Bao', 'Constantly', 'Chunguzia'. I bought it on May's Hiphop nite at Kshs 500.00. Its the best thing I've ever owned locally. There is this other DVD compilation called SHIKA. Yaani Street Happen In Kenya & AFrica. It has freestyles from underground MCs like Dream whom I've known through Hiphop Nites. There other established rappers like Doobezz, Mwafrika, Wawesh and Big Mike. get a copy its going for like Kshs 400.00. The nite was kul no attitude from the clan members they mingled freely with the funs signin autoz and chapaing freestyles.

Jua Cali has good lyrics and is one who keeps it real in Calif. I also like Mahatma but he seems lazy coz since he tokead in 2003 Dec he's done two singles. He is very lyrical and probaly should be a member of Maumau Ukooflani. Muki Garang is also cool. Walanguzi to r off the hook.Did u know UKOO FLANI is a acronym. it meansUpendo Kote Olewenyu Ombeni Funzo La Aliyetuumba; Njia IwepoLove Everywhere all who believe teachings of the creator there is a way.I think thats very bright. Keep it real guyz am tooo excited about owning an autographed dandora Burning


  • wasup nice I'll get a copy of the Dandora Burning Album and the Shika DVD

    By Anonymous wes, At 8:41 PM  

  • talk of multiple personality disorder. just another alter ego.

    By Anonymous hieroglyphix, At 7:45 PM  

  • Welcome to the blogsphere nice to see another thise here parts...

    "you" and mazishi ya polisi..are dope to me

    By Blogger Msanii_XL, At 4:43 PM  

  • that cd is the guyz gotta listen to it and appreciate real Kenyan hip hop

    By Anonymous kagasi, At 4:23 PM  

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