Friday, August 04, 2006


I have been listening to radio and I have heard Nameless' new trak that features Nyash of Kleopto. As an ardent hip hoper, the song 'Jidai' caught my attention coz it was a rebuttal for FBI's war songs. So I conluded it is a battle rap.

Battle raps come in two basic forms. One is a live battle where rappers face off in person. The second is a record battle where its done in studio on song. True rap battle involves no physical fighting. Its a test of skill. A test of how well one has mastered bewildering array of lyricall display characterised by a synthesis of well crafted rhymes, elaborate metaphors, intellectual phrases, messages, improvisation, multi syllables and importantly one's articulate and effortless delivery.

Back to Nameless trak, its a poor show from a man his age. There is a line where he brags how much money he has earned and the loads of girls he has. I dont dispute all that but battle rap aint about money or girls but a show of skill. I should hear something intelligent from Nameless than crap considering he just got married and being one of the few local artist with degrees. He may possess glamorous image and magnificiency but he lacks 'micnificiency' in that song. Its like Michael Jackson doing rap. He claims that he has been in music for long of which I concur but it aint reflected in his lyrics. It does not redeem his image as a rapper to those who knew him when he used to 'take a Megaride' or 'converse' with 'majitu' . Nyash is a prodigy in terms of smooth flow but he still needs a workout in formulating his own style. I believe Nyash will never spit harder (prove me wrong Nyash) than he did on 'tuendelee' which was a perfect showmanship of skill. I however think it had a nice hook and a line i liked where he says something like 'mkifanya show mbele ya kioo......" that was a good line.

Examples of real battle emcee are Canibus, Nas, Ras Kass, our very own Mwafrika, Chiwawa, L-Ness, among others. Nameless should borrow a leaf from them and especially from the song Dc na Sisi from Mau Mau which though not aimed at anyone was a classic battle rap.

So long as rap remains, emcee battles will never end. So long as nobody is hurt or killed (physically), its natural to destroy and rebuild which to an extent spurs creativity as it was witnessed with Kleopto.


  • Wait till a Nameless groupie reads this you will be crucified! However I think you were on spot. Nameless SUX!

    By Anonymous Hieroglyphix, At 12:48 PM  

  • Yo son,i think the characters on this article received so much sympathy from you.First and foremost Nameless does not even qualify to be termed as a rapper there are many other words that we can try to figure to be able to illustrate his dire attmepts of hitting notes and mumbling on the microphone...As for Klepto,they need to lay a red carpet for this comment,GET OFF BAMBU'S NUTS AND GET YOUR OWN FLOW!

    By Anonymous Muki Garang, At 3:02 PM  

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