Friday, August 04, 2006

Death of Rap and Lingala: Appeared in Buzz(Sunday Nation) on 7th August 2005

Back in the days when there were two FM stations, Metro FM used to be everyones favourite. They captured every age and almost everyone coz they played almost every music genre.

My favourite shows were the "metro love zone' and 'the afternoon switch'. Everyone got to admit Metro's love zone was the best late night show we had. Kool R&B used to sooth our tired souls leaving us smitten. Another show that rocked was the afternoon switch. This is the show that introduced Kshaka, N.N, GidiMaji, Majizee, Ksouth, Hardstone among other hiphop pioneers to us. The show played underground local/International hiphop to the delight of real rap funs. I was one of those who never missed the show if I wanted to know a new local artist. They played the kind of rap you will never hear in any other station with the exception of Da Joint (Y fm) and Eve D Souza's 'Hits not Home Work'

Now that the station has decided to go Reggae 24/7, I think its a big blow to the slowly dying R&B and of course a another nail in the coffin for local and international underground hiphop.he impact of this will be felt by people who love hardcore rap that got consious lyrics. Ask most the underground cats and you will hear their musical careers have come down with it. There will be no more Muki Garang, most of Ukoo Flani Maumau music, and most of Ksouth oldies among others.

Its also the last nail on the coffin for the long dead lingala, and Caribbean music that the station played. Reggae is rising at a high rate because most kenyans are tired with local and international kapuka which is played over and over in major fm stations. However I got a problem with reggae coz of how local funs are violent during their shows. Y fm ofcourse now inherits most of the metro fm funs who loved the afternoon switch.


  • Your shit is so ill, they should call it SICK. Make them believe that when HIP HOP was born I was the first one who held her.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 12:36 PM  

  • You just dont know HIP HOP,and you dont know where to find it.What you hear in radio are just MONEY MADE HIT TRACK.AND THATS IS NOT HIP HOP.Hip hop is not forced music.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 8:12 AM  

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